Electronic Volume Converter


The PTZ-Box V3 can be easily configured and read out by using the included software and a computer. Available serial interfaces are IEC 1107 infrared (via USB 2.0 connection), wired RS 232 or RS 485.The PTZ-BOX 3.0 can be connected directly to a computer, connected via a line modem or via aa GSM/GPRS modem. Local read out can also be performed by using a notebook.The device can also be accessed by DCS or SCADA systems via Modbus RTU, TCP/IP or other dedicated protocols.

Insulating Joint


The Insulating Joint from Meccanica Segrino is the joint that has maximum guarantee in respect to any other similiar product available on the market. In respect of all other insulating joints often composed of 3 components of steel, this one is composed of 2. The meccanica Segrino Joint is fitted with a sealing gasket that guarantee maximum levels of sealing under pressure.






IGTM Gas Turbine Meter


The Vemmtec IGTM (International Gas Turbine Meter) is a highly accurate flow meter, approved for custody transfer measurement, equipped with electronic pulse outputs and a mechanical counter. Available in 2 models: CT (is used for high accuracy and custody transfer applications) and IM (is an economically priced meter with a good accuracy). The available nominal diameter of the IGTM gas turbine meter ranges from 50mm (2”) to 400mm (16”). And also can be delivered with G rates ranging from G40 to G6500, which means that IGTMs are available for flow rates from 8m³/h to 10000m³/h.

Argos pilot operated regulator


Argos pilot operated regulator is another in a series of regulators that have been developed by the Eng. Dept. of Gascat, which can be used for all types of natural gas and industrial gas applications. Also known for its lightness, simple construction, superior performance of pressure control (1%), high flow capacity, high accuracy, high rangeability, low noise level, bubble tight lock up, low cost of acquisition, easy, fast and inexpensive maintenance.

GIPS-FC security shut-off valves


The Series Of GIPS-FC security shut-off valves are installed in pressure regulating or metering skid units in order to prptec the pie lines or the gas equipments and alll downstream instruments from an unexpected over pressure or also in case of gas source interruption or even in case  rupture of it’s own tubing’s. For disanging by dercrease on pressure it is possible to regulate the shutt-off valve from 0 to 15 bar; over matcing the EN 14382 standard

Gascat Filter


Gascat Filter is designed for filtering solids present in the gas flow, using plated cellulose cartridges, designed and constructed to offer maximum filter area and large capacity to retain and accumulate the filtered solids. Accessories: Gascat Differential Presure Indocator. This product help to indicate when the cartridge is dirrty and need to be replace, through the difference between inlet and outlet pressure on Filter.

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